The first pillar of our strategy is OBSERVING emerging power systems and smart grids

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We perform data collection on power systems and smart grid projects in order to update the JRC's European power system database and smart grid inventory. We constantly maintain and expand extensive European databases including commercial and proprietary data.

Here below you can learn about some crucial examples:

  • We implemented a European-wide electricity grid model including more than 10,000 elements (nodes and lines) of Europe's transmission grid, starting from data from the European Transmission System Operators, which was complemented by other datasets from the European power system. More information here.

  • We built and are maintaining the most comprehensive inventory of Smart Gird projects in Europe. The 2014 catalogue features more than450 Smart Grid projects scattered across Europe. Project results provide information about how Smart Grids can help integrate more renewables, accommodate electric vehicles, give more control to consumers over their energy consumption, avoid blackouts and restore power quickly when outages occur. More information here.