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JRC Smart Electricity Systems

Market Design and Sector Integration

How to upgrade the rules of the (electricity) game?

How to upgrade the rules of the (electricity) game?

Markets are the instruments supporting power system operations and developments by distributing electricity-related costs and benefits among players. Market rules may need to evolve in order to accommodate technological innovation and energy delivery solutions, while steering the energy transition to the citizens’ benefit. This is why we inform legislative and regulatory actions by studying options and evolutions of the energy market schemes, at both the retail and wholesale level.

Our science for policy activities

Projects of Common Interest

We support the development of ranking methodology and multi-criteria assessment frameworks for Projects of Common Interest.

Regulatory experimentation

We investigate the role of regulatory experimentation as an innovation tool to enable and facilitate the energy transition.

Our Modelling Suite

We utilise a suite of models approach to analyse the electricity systems and markets challenges and developments, both within the EU and beyond.

Energy Storage Integration

We assess and test energy storage integration issues, with particular focus on the effects on power system operations and market dynamics.