Our Models portfolio


EUPowerDispatch is a European electricity transmission network model, to analyse the impacts of the future increase of variable renewable energy on the European cross-border transmission capacity needs and future plans.

The Model can be defined as a minimum cost dispatch model whose optimisation is coded in the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) using CPLEX, a high-performance mathematical programming solver from IBM. The off-line input/output data processing is performed using Matlab.


resLoadSim is a tool for residential electric load simulation. The program allows predicting residential loads. It uses a probabilistic approach based on statistics to predict the electric load profiles of individual households by summing up all appliances consumption in a household. 


This continental Europe electricity transport model is based on the ENTSO-E research model describing the UCTE winter and summer cases for 2008 (STUM2008). This detailed model represents the complete grid topology, as it depicts the current network structure with all voltage levels and substations. It includes all the UCTE member countries and all the parameters for current transmission line and transformer impedances. Moreover, the thermal line capacities on most of the circuits are represented.