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JRC Smart Electricity Systems

Digital Energy Transformation

Are bits and electrons driving a whole-system change? 

Are bits and electrons driving a whole-system change? 

Electricity systems increasingly embedding digital solutions (such as smart meters, artificial intelligence) open the door to unprecedented opportunities and challenges. This is why we support initiatives such the EU's energy digitalisation action plan by assessing smart grid projects/technologies deployment and interoperability, electricity systems development, electric vehicle integration and many other intelligent electricity system features.

Our science for policy activities

Electric Vehicles and Smart Grids

Learn how we test and assess the integration and interoperability issues at the interface of the electric vehicles and the smart electricity system.

Smart Grid Projects Observatory

We performed rolling reviews of smart grid projects in cooperation with policy, regulatory, industrial and research partners since 2011. 

Energy Storage Integration

We assess and test energy storage integration issues, with particular focus on the effects on power system operations and market dynamics.

Projects of Common Interest

We support the development of ranking methodology and multi-criteria assessment frameworks for Projects of Common Interest.