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Citizens’ Communities and Protection

How to give (smart energy) power to people?

How to give (smart energy) power to people?

People shall be at the core of the energy transition: tackling the social challenges intertwined with the energy system changes is crucial. Focus is moving from a component oriented to a socio-technological analysis of power system dynamics. This is why we support EU initiatives for a just twinned green and digital transition by studying the acceptance, involvement and engagement issues at the interface between the social and the technical layers of the electricity system.

Our science for policy activities

Regulatory Experimentation

We investigate the role of regulatory experimentation as an innovation tool to enable and facilitate the energy transition.

Support to Energy Communities

We assist energy communities (including the Italy’s first-of-a-kind energy community) with data, know-how, and simulation capacity.

Agent Based Modelling

We assessed smart energy systems by considering the multiplicity of interacting agents that operate as independent decision makers. 

Complex Systems Analysis

We relied on complexity science approach to capture the broad range of interactions between actors, components and layers in the smart energy systems.