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JRC Smart Electricity Systems

About us

We belong to the JRC C3 Energy Security, Distribution and Markets Unit. We are a multidisciplinary and multicultural team of JRC researchers - based in Petten (NL), Ispra (IT) and Seville (ES) - providing evidence-based knowledge and science for EU policy-making on the on-going transformations towards a smart electricity system.


Our team is currently composed of the following members

Gianluca Fulli buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Gianluca Fulli

Gianluca Fulli is Deputy Head of the Energy Security, Distribution and Markets Unit at...
Marcello Barboni buston picture
  • Seville, ES

Marcello Barboni

Marcello Barboni holds a ... and conducts research on ...
Tilemahos Efthimiadis buston picture
  • Petten, NL

Tilemahos Efthimiadis

Tilemahos Efthimiadis holds a PhD in Monetary Economics from the University of Macedon...
Vytis Kopustinkas buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Vytis Kopustinkas

Vytis Kopustinkas holds a ... and conducts research on ...
Evangelos Kotsakis buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Evangelos Kotsakis

Evangelos Kotsakis received his B.Sc. degree in computer science from the University o...
Anna Mengolini buston picture
  • Petten, NL

Anna Mengolini

Anna Mengolini conducts research on sociotechnical analysis and modelling of the energ...
Philip Minnebo buston picture
  • Petten, NL

Philip Minnebo

Philip Minnebo is an electromechanical engineer (process technology) displaying twenty...
Stefano Tarantola buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Stefano Tarantola

Stefano Tarantola has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering. He leads the living lab for test...
Silvia Vitiello buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Silvia Vitiello

Silvia Vitiello conducts research on economic and regulatory issues related to smart g...
Heinz Wilkening buston picture
  • Petten, NL

Heinz Wilkening

Heinz Wilkening works for the European Commission DG Joint Research Centre in Petten s...
Nikoleta Andreadou buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Nikoleta Andreadou

Nikoleta Andreadou received the B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering fr...
Isabel Asensio buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Isabel Asensio

Isabel Asensio holds the position of Scientific Project Officer at the Joint Research ...
Rade Cadenovic buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Rade Cadenovic

Rade Cadenovic received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Tec...
Antonio De Paola buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Antonio De Paola

Antonio De Paola is a Scientific Project Officer at the Joint Research Centre of the E...
Hrvoje Foretic buston picture
  • Petten, NL

Hrvoje Foretic

Hrvoje Foretic is Project Officer at the JRC.
Andreas Fuhrmanek buston picture
  • Petten, NL

Andreas Fuhrmanek

Andreas Fuhrmanek is a Scientific Officer at the Joint Research Centre of the European...
Isabel Gonzalez buston picture
  • Seville, ES

Isabel Gonzalez

Isabel Gonzalez is Project Officer at Joint Research Centre. She is a specialist in re...
Alexis Meletiou buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Alexis Meletiou

Alexis Meletiou carries out interdisciplinary research on the fields of energy policy ...
Ruth Shortall buston picture
  • Petten, NL

Ruth Shortall

Ruth Shortall carries out interdisciplinary research focusing on social aspects of the...
Georg Thomaßen buston picture
  • Ispra, IT

Georg Thomaßen

Georg Thomaßen is a Scientific Officer at the Joint Research Centre of the European Co...