Other Collaborators

The EIRIE platform is targeting full connectivity in Europe with access to all relevant data / information / knowledge in the field of smart grids, storage and local energy systems. The objective is to be in a position to have agreements in place for seamless connectivity with all available platforms that can share data / information / knowledge. The required migration of data / information / knowledge has to go through detailed set up of protocols and authorizations to facilitate the appropriate interrogation at the time that the request is made. This migration should be seamless as far as the user who is seeking for the specific data / information / knowledge.

For this the PANTERA consortium is forming specific separate agreements with the hosting platforms to facilitate the process. The current agreements involve the following collaborators:

  1. EXPERA platform of ERA NET
  2. Mission Innovation
  3. ASSET project
  4. ERIGrid 2.0 project
  5. DERlab
  6. EDDIE project