EDDIE Project

EDDIE (Eddie-Education-Energy-Digitalization-EU-Erasmus (eddie-erasmus.eu)is aimed to create a Sector Skill Alliance by bringing together all the relevant stakeholders in the Energy value chain, from industry, education and training providers until legal authorities.

EDDIE is a four-year Erasmus+ EU funded collaborative project. The Consortium is coordinated by COMILLAS and brings together 16 partners from 10 EU Countries.

The main objective of this SSA is to develop a long -driven Blueprint for the digitalisation of the European Energy sector to enable the matching between the current and future demand of skills necessary for the digitalisation of the energy sector and the supply of improved Vocational Education and Training (VET). An interdisciplinary approach is also sought, including green and soft skills with a high collaborations of workers by using participatory approaches through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) methodologies.

What are the project’s objectives?

  • Develop a European Sectorial Skills Alliance
  • Implement improved/new qualifications in national VET and beyond systems.
  • Fostering the collaboration and mobility among European training centres, universities and industries.
  • Provide a sustainable framework that allows education providers to define and update educational programs responding to industry changes.
  • Improve the attractiveness of the Energy sector as a career choice.

The PANTERA consortium, seeing this source of knowledge has moved in for an agreement with the consortium of the EDDIE project to agree the required connectivity to have freely available the educational material generated to all the users of the ERIE platform. At the same time offer to the consortium of the EDDIE project a way of securing the sustainability of the knowledge generated through the functionalities and operational capabilities of the EIRIE platform.