ASSET Project

The ASSET Project (Advanced System Studies for Energy Transition) (ASSET-EC – ADVANCED SYSTEM STUDIES FOR ENERGY TRANSITION ( aims at providing studies in support to EU policy making, research and innovation in the field of energy. Studies are in general focussed on the large-scale integration of renewable energy sources in the EU electricity system and consider, in particular, aspects related to consumer choices, demand-response, energy efficiency, smart meters and grids, storage, RES technologies, etc. Furthermore, connections between the electricity grid and other networks (gas, heating and cooling) as well as synergies between these networks are assessed.

The ASSET studies not only summarize the state-of-the-art in these domains, but also comprise detailed qualitative and quantitative analyses on the basis of recognized techniques in view of offering insights from a technology, policy (regulation, market design) and business point of view.

Utilizing the above rich resource in knowledge, the PANTERA consortium has agreed with the consortium of the ASSET project to create the required link between the two platforms so as to facilitate easy accessibility of the EIRIE user to the useful educational material residing on the servers of the ASSET project.