Smart Energy Systems ERA: EXPERA platform

The Knowledge Community Platform Expera (EXPERA) is a cooperation platform of the ERA-NET Smart Energy Systems that allows intensive communication between and cooperation of registered members of the Knowledge Community. With its Living Documents, Spotlights and access to Working Groups it is a unique opportunity for experts to exchange their knowhow, opinions and expectations.

EXPERA is reach in living documents which are online documents that resemble the joint knowhow of the ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems Knowledge Community. Content for the Living Documents is being created by the Support Team in cooperation with the experts in ERA-Net SES funded projects. Registered visitors of a Living Document can leave comments or contribute to discussion fora linked to specific paragraphs. The Support Team will, us experts' input to further improve the content of a Living Document.

For these reasons the EXPERA platform is considered as a rich place in knowledge that EIRIE agrees to host in a coordinated way it in agreement with the owners of the platform. Benefit is mutual since the members of the EXPERA platform will have in addition to the content of the EXPERA platform, the  functionalities offered by the EIRIE platform and the vast data / information / knowledge fished from available sources throughout Europe.

Currently the EXPERA platform has Living Documents for the following topics:

  • System Architecture and Modelling9
  • Storage and Cross Energy Carrier Synergies
  • Standards and Interoperability
  • Regulatory and Market Development
  • Consumer and Citizen Involvement
  • Scalability and Replicability
  • Regional Matters
  • Local Energy Communities