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Sustainable electricity generation and transmission in the Kingdom of Morocco


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This technical report presents a concise assessment of the Moroccan power system, in relation to the country’s pursued clean energy transition. It provides an introduction into the most critical factors affecting this transition, both technical and regulatory, with focus on development of generation and transmission assets of clean electricity. Morocco’s general energy and climate change characteristics are discussed, giving emphasis to related engagement and international collaboration. The legal framework of the Moroccan power sector is addressed, along with basic data on electricity demand, generation and transmission. Sources for more sustainable electricity generation are discussed, i.e., primarily renewable energy (solar, wind and hydro), as well as natural gas in the energy transition, and the option of nuclear energy. Past, ongoing and future transmission system development programmes are treated. As a scientific application, the role of geographic information systems in the planning phase of power generation and transmission installations is considered. Future investment needs are highlighted, along with the most pertinent funding organisations.