Standard for Energy Storage Systems and Equipment

Technical committee
UL 9540 Ed. 2-2020
Published year

These requirements cover energy storage systems that are intended to receive and store energy in some form so that the energy storage system can provide electrical energy to loads or to the local/area electric power system (EPS) when needed. The types of energy storage covered under this standard include electrochemical, chemical, mechanical and thermal. The energy storage system shall be constructed either as one unitary complete piece of equipment or as matched assemblies, that when connected, form the system. This standard is a system standard, where an energy storage system consists of the an energy storage mechanism, power conversion equipment and balance of plant equipment as shown in Figure 6.1. Individual parts (e.g. power conversion system, battery system, etc.) of an energy storage system are not considered an energy storage system on their own. This standard evaluates the compatibility and safety of these various components integrated into a system.