Sustainability and Collaboration

Ultimate objective of the PANTERA project is to generate support to the 16 countries in the EU that are characterised with low R&I activity in the field of smart grids, storage and local energy systems. Irrespective of how successful is the PANTERA project in managing the activities planned through the project, during its four year duration, it is vitally important to build such mechanisms and such collaborations that will safeguard the continuation into the future of the support mechanisms generated through the project.

This sustainable future, was central in the plans of the PANTERA consortium in conducting the deliberations of the project and for this reason targeted collaborations with important stakeholders in the field have been identified and actions have been pursued to lead to fruition of these endeavours.

First and foremost is the decision of DG Energy to take on their shoulders the sustainable future of the EIRIE platform that is developed through the PANTERA project through a Service Contract that they have awarded to the SPRING consortium. The decision is of fundamental importance since the SPRING project has the contractual obligation to closely work with the PANTERA consortium, support the collaborative work for developing the EIRIE platform and take over as from 1st January 2023 when the PANTERA project completes its tenure.