The PANTERA project

PANTERA (PAN European Technology Energy Research Approach) is a EU H2020 project aimed at setting up a European forum composed of Research & Innovation stakeholders active in the fields of smart grids, storage and local energy systems, including policy makers, standardisation bodies and experts, representing the EU energy system. The ultimate objective is to generate support to the 16 countries in the EU that are characterised with low R&I activity in the field.

This will be achieved by:

Building the EIRIE platform: A sustainable and interactive multi-dimensional platform of pan-European status and influence.

Delivering, through the EIRIE platform, ready-made tools to support the R&I community.

Developing knowledge-sharing mechanisms that will help identify, discuss and structure the key R&I challenges.

Organising dedicated workshops to facilitate interaction of the relevant stakeholders and sharing valuable knowledge

Operating regional desks and ad hoc working groups to identify, mobilise and enrich regional strengths through well-selected R&I themes pushed to gain European status for implementation.