Adiabatic Compressed-Air Energy Storage for Electricity Supply

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Development of Compressed Air Energy Storage (ACEAS) for electricity storage




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Adiabatic Compressed-Air Energy Storage for Electricity Supply

Key Exploitable Results

Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage

  • SolutionImproved grid integration of renewable energy
  • TRL
    • TRL 4 -

      technology validated in lab

  • Final BenefitUtilities, grid operators, power plant operators
  • Nature Database, Hardware, Methodology, Other, Policy, Regulation and Market, Software
  • Benefit of the KER

    Transition towards CO2-neutral energy generation, grid stability, avoided curtailment of RES

  • Effective use:
    • Collective use, Commercial use, Internal use, Open source, Other
  • Barriers:
    • Further investment, Market conditions, No specific barrier, Other, Regulation, Scaling-up
  • Additional next steps:
    • Cooperation with other players, Create new company to commercialize result, Demonstration, Dissemination, External certification, Further testing, Internal deployment, Other, Regulatory changes around electricity market, Regulatory changes around sharing ecosystem, Scaling-up of product, Technical and business development of product
  • Investment needed:
    • Above 10 MEur