Smart Electricity Systems and Technologies Laboratory

Submitted by Ruth on Tue, 06/27/2023 - 10:29
Smart Electricity Systems and Technologies Laboratory
  • In opertation since:
  • Standards accreditation:EN ISO/IEC 17025 (No. MMWA-92.714/0504-I/12/2007); ISO 9001 (Reg. No. CH-12769); Accepted CB Testing Laboratory under the responsibility of OVE as National Certification Body
  • Static Equipment:Freely adjustable RLC loads up to 1 MW, 1 MVAr (cap. and ind.); Individual control of any RLC components for anti-islanding tests; 5 independent dynamic PV-Array Simulators: 1500 V, 1500 A, 960 kW; 1 bidirectional DC source/ESS emulator: 800 V, 1000 A, 70
  • Mobile Equipment:LVRT/FRT test generator up to 1MVA (according to IEC 61400-21); Multiple high precision Power Analyzers with high acquisition rate; Simultaneous sampling of asynchronous multi-domain data input
  • Technologies for energy storage:Storage
    • Power and voltage capabilities:
    • AC
    • DC
    • Total power installed (kW):
    • Peak power of the installed equipment(kW)
    • 1000
    • Voltage level (V))
    • 480
  • Hardware in the Loop and Real Time simulations Do you work with Real Time Simulator? No
  • Simulation/ Optimization tools:Simulation tools and components; Multicore Opal-RT Real-Time Simulator (i.e., eMegaSim); Typhoon HIL Real-Time HIL Simulator; Mathworks xPC-Target Simulator; Power-HIL and Controller-HIL experiments at full power in a closed control loop; General simulati
  • Testing Services:High Voltage & High Power; Microgrids & Distribution Network; Power Electronics; Power Quality & EMC; PV Systems; Storage Systems; ICT; HIL/Co-simulation;Cybersecurity;Integration of DER, standards, national requirements in EU and USA; Power Quality (PQ)