HESI Facility (Hybrid Energy System Integration Facility)

Submitted by Ruth on Mon, 06/19/2023 - 06:06
HESI Facility (Hybrid Energy System Integration Facility)
  • Static Equipment:The Energy System Description Language (ESDL) is an open source modeling language created for modeling the components in an energy system and their relations towards each other. The language allows makers of energy transition calculation tools, simulation
  • Technologies for the integrated grid:Don't know/No answer
  • Work on microgrids: Do you work on microgrids? No
  • Do you work with PMUs? No
  • Standards used for the integrated grid:EN50491-12
  • Do you work on AMI? No
    • Power and voltage capabilities:
    • AC
    • DC
    • Total power installed (kW):
    • Peak power of the installed equipment(kW)
    • Voltage level (V))
  • Hardware in the Loop and Real Time simulations Do you work with Real Time Simulator? No
  • Testing Services:Flexibility testing with (hybrid) smart devices. Study the flexibility potential of devices such as batteries and hybrid heat pumps. Implementation of relevant smart grid standards such as EN50491-12. Helping manufacturers to conform to smart grid standar