Distributed Energy Technologies Laboratory (DETL)

Submitted by Ruth on Mon, 06/19/2023 - 06:06
Distributed Energy Technologies Laboratory (DETL)
  • Static Equipment:Distributed generation equipmentDescription: 150 kW of PV available as a configurable DC source; 30 kW Capstone Microturbine; 225 kW diesel generator; 600 kWh battery bank.PV invertersDescription: 15 PV inverters ranging from 3 kW to 100 kW.Microinverter
  • Mobile Equipment:Data acquisition equipment, e.g., Yogokawa WT3000
  • Technologies for the integrated grid:Don't know/No answer
  • Work on microgrids: Do you work on microgrids? No
  • Do you work with PMUs? No
  • Do you work on AMI? No
    • Power and voltage capabilities:
    • AC
    • DC
    • Total power installed (kW):
    • Peak power of the installed equipment(kW)
    • Voltage level (V))
  • Hardware in the Loop and Real Time simulations Do you work with Real Time Simulator? No
  • Simulation/ Optimization tools:OPAL-RT system Typhoon HIL Cybersecurity testing capabilities including Kali linux penetration testing platform, reconfigurable networking, emulated networking capabilities, Virtual machine capabilities. Extensive grid simulation capabilities with OpenDSS
  • Testing Services:DETL is a research facility. Some of the research involves the following: Inverter tests for anti-islanding (autonomous methods and communication methods (PLCC, synchrophasor), voltage and frequency ride-throughs, and other safety and performance tests. I