Upcoming PANTERA workshop "Boosting the R&I activity on Smart Grid Technologies: Empowering Energy Citizens and Communities to actively contribute to the Energy Transition"

Don't miss the upcoming PANTERA workshop at SyNERGY MED 2022!

Date: 18 October 2022

Time: 15:30 – 17:00 EEST

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece (at SyNERGY MED 2022)

Live streaming for the PANTERA workshop at 15.30 -17.00 EEST (14.30-16.00 CET).
The streaming will be accessible here or through the website.

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Greece and the EU are actively working towards achieving the energy transition objectives and declared policies for a low carbon economy. However, the following areas are still a concern in achieving carbon neutrality and we would like to address them in this session, by bringing together stakeholders in the field of smart grids, storage and local energy systems:

  • R&I activities in the field are not to the required level, calling for more national and European support to raise opportunities, getting closer to the root of the problems and offer the means to address local needs that Greece is facing, with the support of the industry and broader
  • Enabling technologies like digitalisation, storage, smart grids, e-Mobility and reliable communications which are not adequately developed, to facilitate the much-wanted transition for the effective use of emerging technologies that include distributed RES, e-mobility with smart charging and V2G attributes and demand
  • End-users and citizens are not adequately empowered through codes, appropriate regulation and market instruments to build and operate effective energy management systems utilizing the emerging technologies that can grow into efficient energy communities with appropriate technologies in place to facilitate the optimal use of local resources, for the benefit of the

 The session aims to bring together the stakeholders of Greece and the wider region actively participating in the conference to address all the above issues and together, try to pave the way forward to achieving the much-wanted energy transition to the low carbon economy.