PANTERA regional virtual workshop MedPower 2020 outcomes

On 10 & 11 November 2020, the PANTERA project held its regional workshop “Energy transition through optimal use of the rich Renewable Energy Resources of the Mediterranean basin”, which took place virtually during MedPower 2020 conference.

PANTERA project’s mission and goals were presented, along with the new identity of the platform, which will be called EIRIE, and the value it will bring to the research and innovation energy community via PANTERA regional desks, working teams, and the platform.

The workshop tackled different aspects the energy transition needs to be addressed in order to contribute efficiently to the Energy targets of EU. The status of the smart grids regional evolution was also presented, while use cases covering technologies -such as Energy storage, Demand Response, Renewables and Electric mobility- were highlighted.

Three roundtables took place during the two days of the workshop, allowing stakeholders and participants to actively share their opinion via electronic voting tool. This system was highly efficient as it made it possible to have intensive talks on crucial subjects such as identifying areas of concern of the R&I community in the energy systems field in Europe, which was at the centre of roundtable 1. 

The second roundtable focused on the research questions that arise from the priorities set within NECPs

The third and last roundtable enabled regional stakeholders to share and discuss about their expectations from PANTERA on how to facilitate the collaboration with R&I stakeholders. 

Furthermore, the R&D needs related to EU energy policy and trends for 2030 and 2050, along with the role of the R&I community towards a green recovery were discussed.  

EIRIE platform's vision is supporting the Energy Research & Innovation community in Europe| by making available tools and features that will provide the needed knowledge, information, and data.

Workshop Agenda & Summary

Workshop summary [Coming soon]

Day 1 (10 November 2020)