COP26: new MI 2.0 Missions and unveiling of the Joint Roadmap of Global Innovation Priorities

COP26: learn more about Mission Innovation's newly launched Missions and the Green Powered Future Mission's Joint Roadmap of Global Innovation Priorities.

The 26th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, known as COP26 took place in Glasgow, UK from October 31st to November 12th, 2021 and brought together climate experts, activists, government representatives, businesses and a wide array of stakeholders to discuss about the climate crisis and solutions. The 2 week conference is a key event as it enables discussions and further progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

Mission Innovation representatives were present at the event and new Missions were launched or announced to support accelerating innovation and to tackle clean energy challenges: Carbon Dioxide removal, Net-zero industries, Urban transitions and Integrated bio refineries. 

MI 4 missions













These 4 Missions, alongside the 3 launched earlier this year at CEM12/MI-6 in June 2021: Green Powered Future, Zero-Emission shipping and Clean Hydrogen, will drive forward solutions to cut emissions from sectors responsible for 52% of global emissions.








Joint Roadmap of Global Innovation Priorities

Through a dedicated event at the UNFCCC Innovation Hub Pavilion, the Green Powered Future Mission unveiled the Joint Roadmap of Global Innovation Priorities, developed thanks to the effort of all its 27 members (find the recording of the event here).

“The Green Powered Future Mission has the goal of demonstrating that power systems, regardless of geography or climates, can effectively integrate up to 100% VRE in their generation mix by 2030 while ensuring the system is cost-efficient, secure and resilient. The Mission is a 10-year endeavour which will accelerate innovation in clean energy by demonstrating innovative solutions to transform the present system.” (Source: Mission Innovation)

The roadmap, which identifies 17 R&I themes and the top 100 global innovation priorities, will serve as basis for the Mission’s activities towards reaching its goal by 2030. In this view, the Mission will support innovation through feasibility studies, pilots and large demonstrator set-up and validation. These activities will be complemented by knowledge sharing, capacity building, and dissemination activities, whilst ensuring technical, regulatory and market aspects are considered throughout. Moreover, the Mission will capitalise on members’ collaborative work and expertise to simultaneously tackle multiple innovation priorities and will cooperate with existing initiatives working towards a similar goal. 

Discover the Roadmap here