Webinar: "Presentation of the ETIP SNET R&I Implementation Plan 2022-2025"

  • 06. Apr 2022 - 06. Apr 2022

    Webinar: "Presentation of the ETIP SNET R&I Implementation Plan 2022-2025"


    By 2050, the extensive electrification in (nearly) all sectors of the energy system, combined with large energy efficiency improvements and CO2 reductions in all sectors, will lead to a carbon-neutral energy system. It is widely understood that this will rely on:

    • The massive use of renewables for electricity and heating & cooling generation;
    • Smart Grids technologies (Digitalisation and Smart control of flexible generation and demand, sustainable buildings);
    • The combination of the above with sector coupling of all energy carriers via storage (such as batteries, by use of liquids (e.g. hydro pumping),
    • CO2-neutral or CO2-free gases) and conversion technologies (for extensive use of carbon neutral gases and green fuels and possibly hydrogen in industry, transport and buildings);
    • A widely adopted circular approach of the energy systems, with high recycling rates

    The EU “Green Deal” and related European national requirements set precise targets by 2030 in terms of: Decarbonisation of building stock, transport, industry, and energy systems; Involvement of consumers and citizen communities in energy systems; Digitalisation as an enabler of the environmental transition and participative energy markets; Reliability, adaptability and resilience of the integrated energy systems.

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    When: Wednesday, April 6, 2022

    Time: (CEST) 10:00 - 13:00

    Where: Online - the link and more details will be provided at a later stage.