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Massive InteGRATion of power Electronic devices
To develop and validate innovative, technology-based solutions in view of managing the pan-European electricity system experiencing a proliferation of Power Electronics (PE) devices involved in connecting generation and consumption sites. The project will contribute to the transition towards an HVAC electricsy stem where all generation and consumption is connected via 100% PE. Within MIGRATE, European TSOs from Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and UK have joined with manufacturers and universities/research centres to address such challe


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Concepts, Capacities and Methods for Testing EV systems and their interOperability within the Smartgrids
COTEVOS designed and established the optimal laboratory infrastructure and capabilities for the interoperability assessment of devices, tools and services belonging to the electric vehicle (EV) and the smart grid systems.


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Strategies to use a variety of mobile and stationary storages to allow for extended accessibility and the integration of renewable energies.
Sun, water and biomass are a natural capital of the Alpine Space. It is a must to use them for the production of energy. Besides intelligent grids, storage systems will be key enablers for a future mostly renewable energy supply. Electric vehicles (EV) will be integral elements of the future energy system. Their batteries can be charged with excessive power from intermittent energy sources and electricity can be fed into the grid to meet peak loads. Beyond short term balancing with EVs, stationary batteries can serve long term balancing needs.


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Alterenergy for sustainability in the Adriatic
The Alterenergy project promotes energy sustainability in the small communities of the Adriatic area by advocating energy efficiency and the production of energy from renewable sources.Alterenergy will develop replicable models for the sustainable management of energy resources that can be applied in small Adriatic communities. It will also support them in planning and managing integrated actions dealing with energy saving and energy production from renewable sources.
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