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Concepts, Capacities and Methods for Testing EV systems and their interOperability within the Smartgrids
COTEVOS designed and established the optimal laboratory infrastructure and capabilities for the interoperability assessment of devices, tools and services belonging to the electric vehicle (EV) and the smart grid systems.


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AMI Project Energa Operator
The main goal of the project is to improve the quality of electrical energy supply and raise the efficiency of measurement data service by building Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in the area controlled by ENERGA-OPERARATOR SA. This can be accomplished by exchanging customers traditional energy electricity meters to smart meters and instaling balansing meeters on MV/LV transformer stations

Balancing Local Area

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Local Area Balancing
The goal of the project is the elaboration and implementation of a local area balancing technology allowing integrated management of power resources.

Smart Grid Road Map 2030

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Smart Grid Road Map 2030
Based on the analysis of economic and technical development of smart grid deployment strategies in the EOP. This will result in a schedule to implement the various Smart Grid functionality with the calculated benefits and costs of implementation.

Smart Toruń

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Smart Toruń - pilot Smart Grid implemetation by Energa Capital Group
"The ""Smart Toruń - pilot Smart Grid implemetation by Energa Capital Group"" includes the development of an application to remote communicate with meters and the preparation of special systems for the operation and management of the network. In area of the project there will be created smart grid lighting with energy-saving lamps, and there will be implemented dedicated software to operate with. Project includes extension of the MV network automation and the development of new AMI system functionality.

SALVAGE - Cyber-phySicAl security for Low-VoltAGE grids

This project proposes research in cyber-security of the power system, aiming at model-based power system intrusion detection and probability of an event causing the ICT system security to be compromised. The alarms from both ICT and power system components need to be collected and fused into possible fault or intrusion suggestions. The system operator uses these suggestions to estimate the system state and assess if the system security and stability was compromised. This project considers the distribution power grid. Project's web-side:


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Real proven solutions to enable active demand and distributed generation flexible integration, through a fully controllable LOW Voltage and medium voltage distribution grid
UPGRID is a project under the European H2020 program that relies on 19 partners from 7 European countries, and 4 demonstrators (Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Poland) supported by different transversal work packages that define the demo scope and analyse their results and impacts based on the project objectives. It involves partners with different expertise in the energy field: DSOs, equipment manufacturers and research centres. UPGRID project proposes an open, standardised and integral improvement of the LV/MV (mainly LV) grid addressing the constraints and needs of the more relevant actors.


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Demonstrating through Intelligent Control (smart metering, wireless technology, cloud computing, and user-oriented display information), Energy and Water wastage reductions In European Social Housing
The objective of this demonstration project is to design, integrate and pilot an innovative solution for social housing, using mature and interactive ICT, to enable sustained reductions of energy and water consumption of at least 15% below the current practice, without compromising living conditions, across 300 social dwellings in 10 European countries, with latitudes ranging from 56oN to 38oN.
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