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European Liaison on Electricity Committed Towards long-term Research Activities for Smart Grids.
The ELECTRA Integrated Research Programme on Smart Grids (ELECTRA) brings together the partners of the EERA Joint Programme on Smart Grids (JP SG) to reinforce and accelerate Europe’s medium to long term research cooperation in this area and to drive a closer integration of the research programmes of the participating organisations and of the related national programmes. ELECTRA’s joint research activity and collaborative support actions build on an established track record of collaboration and engagement.


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Controllable and Intelligent Power Components
The route towards a more energy sustainable world goes through an improved energy system on all levels from the producers to the consumers. The technological challenges that need to be addressed to realize the strategic energy objectives are faced in the program Çcontrollable and intelligent power componentsÉ. The objective is to develop innovative power components with advanced control and monitoring that pave the path towards an optimum power transmission and distribution system.


Project full name: 
Sustainable and efficient Energy for Rural Regions
The project pursuits an integrated approach which addresses both the supply (provision of sustainable energy) and demand site (efficient use). Best practices will be researched, transferred and tested in pilot measures (both pre-investment and small investment) before the regional energy development plans will be adopted with a political vote. During this process, financial resources from national programmes will be explored and responsibilities for the plans’ implementation assigned.


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Paving the way for self-sufficient regional energy supply based on sustainable energy concepts and renewable energy sources
MANERGY is a transnational initiative financed by the European Programme for Territorial Cooperation “Central Europe 2007 – 2013”.It aims at favoring responsible use and protection of the environmental potentials of Central Europe by promoting innovative and sustainable approaches to environment friendly energy source management, including an increase in renewable energy use as well as significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Project full name: 
Energy Efficient and Integrated Urban Development Action
Urb.Energy project combines the approach of energy efficient refurbishment of residential buildings with integrated urban development concepts, the modernisation of the energy supply infrastructure, the revaluation of the residential environment and the identification of innovative financing instruments.


Project full name: 
Modular Development Plan of the Pan-European Transmission System 2050
The e-Highway2050 project is supported by the EU Seventh Framework Programme and is aimed at developing a methodology to support the planning of the Pan-European Transmission Network, focusing on 2020 to 2050, to ensure the reliable delivery of renewable electricity and pan-European market integration. The project will result in a modular development plan for possible electricity high- ways and options for a complete pan-European grid architecture, based on various future power system scenarios.


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Promoting best practices of innovative smart metering services to European regions SmartRegions
Smart metering technology has a great potential to achieve cost-efficient energy savings, and its effective use is crucial in achieving the 2016 and 2020 energy efficiency targets in Europe. Moreover, smart meters play an important role in smart grids and reaching the EU 20% renewable energy source target by 2020.


Project full name: 
Future INtErnet Smart Utility ServiCEs
FINESCE builds on and extends the results of the FI-PPP FINSENY project to realise sustainable real time smart energy services. The consortium includes leading energy and ICT operators, manufacturers and service providers as well as research organisations and SMEs from all over Europe. Together, they contribute directly to strongly focused trials and business innovation. The project features a scale and scope ensuring the FINESCE results will drive the FI-WARE and Future Internet success and long-term exploitation internationally.


Project full name: 
Balancing energy production and consumption in energy efficient smart neighbourhoods
The problem space is multidimensional, but can be abstracted as a combination of social, economic and technical aspects.


Project full name: 
ICT services for Energy Efficiency in European Social Housing
E3SoHo proposed service offers a holistic solution for ICT-enabled energy efficient social housing developments all across Europe.


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