Project full name: 
The Impact of Prosumers in a Smart Grid based Energy Market
IMPROSUME will establish a better understanding of the prosumer’s role in the future power market supported by a Smart Grid and associated technologies. The project will address stimuli that are likely to motion consumers to take an active role in the market also as suppliers.


Project full name: 
Integrating households in the smart grid
IHSMAG studies the integration of households in the smart grid and develops design recommendations.


Project full name: 
Balancing power energy system
Objectives: a) to address the problems related to balancing power in a system with a substantial part of fluctuating renewable power sources and b) to develop planning methods and operational strategies for the future European energy system incorporating the needs of balancing power using modeling concepts like Power Node combined with MPC.


Project full name: 
A Framework for electrical power sysTems vulnerability identification, dEfense and Restoration
AFTER addresses vulnerability evaluation and contingency planning of the energy grids and energy plants considering also the ICT systems used in protection and control. Main addressed problems concern high impact. wide spread. multiple contingencies and cascading.


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