Smart Build

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Implementing smart ICT concepts for energy efficiency in public buildings
A smart ICT concept will be implemented in existing public buildings in Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Greece in order to reach energy savings in annual and peak consumption up to 35% and to provide social-economic benefits to building users, to building managers, to public authorities and to distributor network operators. The ICT concept proposed with this action will be based on the off-the-shelf “Far Echo” ICT system, developed by the partner FAR Systems for the targeted countries Italy, Slovenia and Greece.


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Future Internet for Smart Energy
The energy supply will need to evolve into a dynamic system to provide the smart energy infrastructure needed to support society in 2020 and beyond. Future Internet technologies will play a critical role in the development of Smart Energy infrastructures, enabling new functionality while reducing costs.In the FINSENY project, key actors from the ICT and energy sectors will team-up to identify the ICT requirements of Smart Energy Systems. This will lead to the definition of new solutions and standards, verified in a large scale pan-European Smart Energy trial.


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Innovative tools for the future coordinated and stable operation of the pan-European electricity transmission system
Develop a dedicated innovative toolbox to support the grid security approach of transmission system operators (TSOs).


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IGREENGrid IntegratinG Renewables in the EuropEaN electricity Grid
In the iGREENGrid project, six world-class DRES integration Demo Projects in low and medium voltage grids led by some of the most relevant EEGI members DSOs are being developed in European Union. Based on sharing the outputs of these experiences and evaluating their results using KPIs according to technical and economic criteria (regarding EEGI guidelines), a set of recommendations identifying most promising solutions for an appropriate integration of small and medium size variable renewable resources in distribution grids (both in medium and low-voltage networks) will be produced.


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Saving Energy in Social Housing with ICT
As part of the ICT PSP programme of the European Commission Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, the eSESH project aimed to design, develop and pilot new solutions to enable sustained reductions in energy consumption across European social housing.


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Micro Smart Grid
Build infrastructure for Vehicle to Grid enabled charging points.To integrate electromobility.To test inner city RE production.To integrate, test and use different storage devices for electric energy, so we can maximize the usage of self produced RE and to charge cars 100% emission free with locally generated RE.


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Energy Demand Aware Open Services for Smart Grid Intelligent Automation
SmartHG will develope economically viable Intelligent Automation Software services gathering real-time data about energy usage from residential homes and exploiting such data for intelligent automation pursuing two main goals: minimise energy usage and cost for each home, support the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) in optimising operation of the grid.


Project full name: 
Smart Distribution System Operation for maximizing the integration of Renewable Generation
The SuSTAINABLE project will develop and demonstrate a new operation paradigm, leveraging information from smart meters and short-term localized predictions to manage distribution systems in a more efficient and cost-effective way, enabling a large-scale deployment of variable distributed resources.

Smart Electric Lyon

Project full name: 
Smart Electric Lyon
Smart Electric Lyon is an EDF initiative on the Grand Lyon area, and is one of the most important experimentation program on the evolution of uses of electric power. It tests innovations with almost 25 000 consumers – households, companies, local authorities – enabling them to know and understand their power consumption and to reduce it.

Yello Sparzähler online

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Energy-Saving Smart Grid Pilot in Germany
Yello Strom and Cisco have announced the launch of a 'smart grid' pilot. Its aim is to create an intelligent energy system that allows customers to measure and control the power consumption of their electrical appliances, enabling them to reduce their monthly bills.In the current pilot, Cisco and Yello Strom have collaborated to enable 70 selected homes and businesses to communicate intelligently with the local power grid and power sources over an Internet Protocol (IP) network.


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