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The goal of E-DeMa is to reach more energy benefits and efficiency for electricity generators. municipal utilities. device manufacturers and above all customers.


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Distribution Line Carrier: Verification, Integration and Test of PLC Technologies and IP Communication for Utilities
Today, there are largely no communications infrastructure deployments in European medium and low voltage power distribution networks. Powerline communications have a large potential to enable new and intelligent applications to and from the last branch of the distribution grid.


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Distributed Generation with High Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources
Dispower has developed new methodologies. components and tools for planning. operational control. training. forecast and trading for the reliable and costeffective integration of distributed generation and renewable energies.


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Durchgängig Energiesensible IKT-Produktion (Pervasive Energy-Sensitive ICT Production)
DESI aims at introducing load-adaptive mode into Telco network operation. In utility lingo, this turns a Telco network into a large consumer with demand-response capabilities. Furthermore, the UPS systems integrated into the network contain considerable energy storage capacity which is rendered accessible to Smart Grid use cases. A unified control framework as it is developed within DESI provides the communication infrastructure to impose complex optimization algorithms onto load and storage management.

BeMobility 2.0

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Electromobility Model Region Berlin/Potsdam
• Integration of electric mobility with grid. • Smart- Charging to shave peaks and increase amount of renewable energy in consumption. • Integration of decentralised and volatile renewable energy production into mostly centrally administered grid feeding. • Research if it is feasible to use of Vehicle-2-Grid to support peak hour consumption. • To maximize the fleet charging with renewable energy sources and to reduce the CO2 emissions of each car. • Development of new business-models to incorporate renewables, storage devices and electric fleets within the electricity market.


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EU Demonstration Project of Active Distribution Network
The overall aim of the ADINE-project is to develop. demonstrate and validate a new Active Network Management (ANM) method of distribution network including DG.


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Adiabatic compressed-air energy storage (CAES) for electricity supply


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Active Distribution network with full integration of Demand and distributed energy RESourceS
The project aims at delivering a comprehensive commercial and technical framework for the development of “Active Demand” in the smart grids of the future. ADDRESS investigates how to effectively activate participation of domestic and small commercial customers in power system markets and in the provision of services to the different power system participants.


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Saving Energy & the Environment across Europe
3eHouses deals to build the customers into the energy system through ICTs, allowing them to develop or enhance their relationship with the environment by piloting in several social housing buildings the interaction between smart devices and the users. It is a project founded under CIP-ICT-PSP-2009.4.1: ICT for energy efficiency in social housing.


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