Project full name: 
Wide scale demonstration of Integrated Solutions for European SmartGrid
WiseGRID will provide a set of solutions and technologies to increase the smartness, stability and security of an open, consumer-centric European energy grid.


Project full name: 
European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid Systems Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out
Renewable energy sources are key enablers in the endeavor to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and cope with the anthropogenic global warming. The intermittent behaviour of renewable energy sources and their limited storage capabilities present new challenges to power system operators in the maintenance of power quality and reliability. However, the increased availability of advanced automation and communication technologies has also provided new intelligent solutions to meet these challenges.


Project full name: 
Transformation Agenda for Low Carbon Cities
TRANSFORM provides insight into smart city processes and methodologies for cities how to arrive at smart energy plans and executable projects, based upon stakeholder co-creation. This done by developing methods, sharing best practices, sharing visions, sharing solutions and breaking down barriers that block initiatives in order to reach these extensive and ambitious targets. TRANSFORM goes further than only ambitions and aims, and will define actions to be taken in the TRANSFORM cities and other cities within Europe to reach climate goals.


Project full name: 
MOV'EO TREVE project, led by a certification company specialized in electric and electronic products, aims at experimenting several technologies of charging infrastructure for electric and hybrid vehicles. The expected project outcomes are an open technical reference design guide that can be used by the whole sector; an experimental platform dealing with all concerns about charging electric vehicles; innovative tools of magnetic field power measurement, since one of the experimented technologies is charging through induction.


The project aims at charging electric vehicles with solar power, with a storage system and an algorithm of management in order to maximize the feeding of the vehicles with solar power.


RennesGrid is a new project aiming at experimenting some smart grid features in a commercial activity area near Rennes (Brittany, France): renewable electricity produced thanks to photovoltaic cells installed on the ground, on building roofs, on parking lot covers; demand response with consumption of local production; storage system for peak shaving; electric vehicules charging infrastructures to be used on the area.


Project full name: 
Energie Bretagne Innovation
The ENBRIN programme (Energie Bretagne Innovation) addresses energy issues specific to Brittany, a large electric peninsula that draws over 90% of its power from other regions and has an insufficiently meshed transmission network. Implemented following consultations with local stakeholders, the programme, which covers the period 2010-2015, is aimed at: better managing electricity demand, especially at peak periods, to achieve a reduction in consumption of 30 to 40 MW per year The experiment consists in remotely carrying out micro-cuts in electric heating appliances in 600 volunteer hous


Project full name: 
Kergrid is the name of the smart building project built around Schneider Electric's "Power Management System" (PMS) solution, to host Morbihan Énergies headquarters. This project gathers many smart grid features, such as power storage (56 kWh capacity), self-consumption, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, local electricity production (photovoltaic, aeolian).


Enhance RES integration by implementing automation, control and monitoring systems in HV and HV/MV substations, advanced communicating with the renewable generators and storage in primary substations.


The Eco2charge project aims at supporting the development of electric vehicles (EV) by accelerating the deployment of EV charging infrastructures in buildings, campuses and eco-districts by the end of 2016. These facilities will thus complement roadside charging stations and enable users to charge their EV’s at their workplace, in their neighbourhood or at public or private charging points (at railway stations, supermarkets, public parking areas, etc.).


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