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Massive InteGRATion of power Electronic devices
To develop and validate innovative, technology-based solutions in view of managing the pan-European electricity system experiencing a proliferation of Power Electronics (PE) devices involved in connecting generation and consumption sites. The project will contribute to the transition towards an HVAC electricsy stem where all generation and consumption is connected via 100% PE. Within MIGRATE, European TSOs from Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and UK have joined with manufacturers and universities/research centres to address such challe


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European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid Systems Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out
Renewable energy sources are key enablers in the endeavor to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and cope with the anthropogenic global warming. The intermittent behaviour of renewable energy sources and their limited storage capabilities present new challenges to power system operators in the maintenance of power quality and reliability. However, the increased availability of advanced automation and communication technologies has also provided new intelligent solutions to meet these challenges.

Sundom Smart Grid (SSG)

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Sundom Smart Grid
The main goal of the demonstration project is to create a Living Lab in Sundom village to enable crosscutting R&D and demonstration activities between the local University, enterprises and the local community. In Sundom, the power network is becoming more urban. The network is a combination of underground cables and overhead line network. With this pilot ABB is testing the latest automatic fault management technology. One of the key features is earth fault management, which is needed as underground cables are gaining ground.


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Realising Value from Electricity Markets with Local Smart Electric Thermal Storage Technology
RealValue aims to demonstrate how local small-scale energy storage, optimised with advanced ICT, could bring benefits to market participants throughout the EU. Smart Electric Thermal Storage (SETS) will be deployed in physical demonstration trials in 1250 homes in Germany, Latvia and Ireland but the analysis will also consider other storage technologies and energy vectors, including integration with district heating and micro-generation. SETS is a direct replacement for existing electric thermal storage heaters and water tanks with a combined load of 55GW across the EU.

City Opt

Develop a bunch of applications and recommendations to guide conception, renovation and management of energy systems in cities.


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Active Demand Value ANd Consumers Experiences Discovery
Leveraging on the empirical data and lessons learnt in real Active Demand (AD) experiences, the overall objective of the project is to develop actionable frameworks enabling residential, commercial and industrial consumers to participate in AD. Furthermore, the benefits of AD for the key stakeholders and the inherent impacts on the electricity systems considering its potential contribution to system stability and efficiency are to be quantified taking different scenarios into account.


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Economic grid support from variable renewables
REserviceS has provided technical and economic guidelines and recommendations for the design of a European market for ancillary services, as well as for future network codes within the Third Liberalisation Package. Services like controlling the frequency and voltage, as well as reserves, provided to transmission and distribution system operators are an essential part of ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electricity grids.
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