Project full name: 
Balanced European Conservation Approach – ICT services for resource saving in social housing
The BECA project designed, developed and piloted new solutions to enable sustained reductions in energy consumption across European social housing. This was accomplished by providing usable ICT-based services for Energy Management (EMS) and Energy Decision Support Service (EDSS) directly to tenants as well as to social housing staff. The project achieved 15% savings for heating, 11% for cold water and 17% for hot water. Savings amount to 570MWh which equals 177 tons of CO2 per year. Financial pay-off is achieved by most stakeholders during the first 3 years.


Project full name: 
Demonstrating through Intelligent Control (smart metering, wireless technology, cloud computing, and user-oriented display information), Energy and Water wastage reductions In European Social Housing
The objective of this demonstration project is to design, integrate and pilot an innovative solution for social housing, using mature and interactive ICT, to enable sustained reductions of energy and water consumption of at least 15% below the current practice, without compromising living conditions, across 300 social dwellings in 10 European countries, with latitudes ranging from 56oN to 38oN.


Project full name: 
Digital Environment Home Energy Management System project
The problem domain (DEHEMS) is concerned with home energy management. This is multidisciplinary problem, involving electrical technology, sensor networks, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Machine Interaction etc. DEHEMS’s one task is to monitor energy consumption of households in a municipality and store energy consumption data in a central database.
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