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Integration of e-mobility with electric distribution grid
In this project we investigate all new drive concepts that are using batteries and are creating distributed energy resources. For example, we investigate in detail a) plug-in hybrids (diesel and gasoline), b) fuel cell cars as well as c) electric vehicles.However, the most important advantage of this project is the holistic approach to consider all players that are impacted by such a new drive concept. The work package 'drive concepts' is 'only' one of eight work packages.


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Balancing Energy Demands with Buidlings
This project addresses the issue of the possible extent of smoothing of load profiles (Peak Shaving) of functional buildings by new automation techniques for the thermal and the electrical operation and thus offering room for a more efficient automation. An assessment of the possible saving of energy and the subsequent CO2-reduction by the improved load profile was carried out. The saving approach is based on two possibilities for the use of energy management.


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European Liaison on Electricity Committed Towards long-term Research Activities for Smart Grids.
The ELECTRA Integrated Research Programme on Smart Grids (ELECTRA) brings together the partners of the EERA Joint Programme on Smart Grids (JP SG) to reinforce and accelerate Europe’s medium to long term research cooperation in this area and to drive a closer integration of the research programmes of the participating organisations and of the related national programmes. ELECTRA’s joint research activity and collaborative support actions build on an established track record of collaboration and engagement.


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Sustainable and efficient Energy for Rural Regions
The project pursuits an integrated approach which addresses both the supply (provision of sustainable energy) and demand site (efficient use). Best practices will be researched, transferred and tested in pilot measures (both pre-investment and small investment) before the regional energy development plans will be adopted with a political vote. During this process, financial resources from national programmes will be explored and responsibilities for the plans’ implementation assigned.


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Paving the way for self-sufficient regional energy supply based on sustainable energy concepts and renewable energy sources
MANERGY is a transnational initiative financed by the European Programme for Territorial Cooperation “Central Europe 2007 – 2013”.It aims at favoring responsible use and protection of the environmental potentials of Central Europe by promoting innovative and sustainable approaches to environment friendly energy source management, including an increase in renewable energy use as well as significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


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From Marginal to renewable energy sources sites
M2RES aims at recovering marginal areas as for example landfills, mines, former military sites/supply-storages and contaminated areas, through investments in renewable energy sources. The project is co-financed by the EU on the framework of South East Europe Programme 2007-2013. The project is co-financed by the EU on the framework of South East Europe Programme 2007-2013.


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ICT 4 EVEU – ICT services for Electric Vehicle Enhancing the User Experience
ICT 4 EVEU is a project born with the aim of deploying an innovative set of ICT services for electric vehicles (EV) in different and complementary pilots across Europe. The scope of the ICT services is the integration of different management systems operating on the existing EV infrastructures in the cities where the pilots will be run, so that related services are deployed making use of these interconnected infrastructures.

Greening European Transportation Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Project full name: 
Greening European Transportation Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles
The project envisions the analysis, testing and deployment of a multi transport mode network using today’s road infrastructure and railways coupled with an electric car charging network of battery switch stations and charge spots powered by renewable energy along with intelligent transport systems. It is an innovative project that will serve as a technology roadmap for creating a pan European electric car network.


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e-mobility region Vienna – Bratislava
The aim of the VIBRATe project is to create a network of fast-charging stations for electric cars. The high priority of the project is to install 16 private charging points and 4 fast charging stations on the highway . Also approximately 10 charging spots at public and semi-public locations (i.e. shopping centers and supermarkets) are planned as a low priority.


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Development of methodologies and tools for new and evolving DSO roles for efficient DRES integration in distribution networks
With the growing relevance of distributed renewable energy sources (DRES) in the generation mix and the increasingly pro-active demand for electricity, power systems and their mode of operation need to evolve.evolvDSO will define future roles of distribution system operators (DSOs) on the basis of scenarios which will be driven by different DRES penetration levels, various degrees of technological progress, and differing customer acceptance patterns.The evolvDSO consortium addresses the main research and technology gaps that need to be solved for DSOs to efficiently fulfil their emerging and f


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