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January, 2011 to December, 2014
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Volt-Air is mainly focused on the integration of electric vehicles in vehicle fleets and the integration of these fleets in the micro grid companies. The Volt-Air platform consists of three sublabs which are connected via a common data platform for data exchange. There is the micro-grid lab on the Siemens site in Huizingen. This consists of renewables (10,000 m² solar panels), a cogeneration system and electric vehicles. The EV (electric vehicles) lab of Volvo Cars Ghent consists of C30 electric cars, fitted with equipment for logging technical data. The service lab in Kortrijk, finally, consists of a pool of 60 or so electric vehicles through West Lease at advantageous rates be made available from various companies in the region of Kortrijk. In addition, the city of Kortrijk into three charging stations. In addition, the possibility to be explored, like the Siemens site, a cogeneration system to place.
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Electric Vehicles and Vehicle2Grid applications
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