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January, 2015 to December, 2017
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UPGRID is a project under the European H2020 program that relies on 19 partners from 7 European countries, and 4 demonstrators (Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Poland) supported by different transversal work packages that define the demo scope and analyse their results and impacts based on the project objectives. It involves partners with different expertise in the energy field: DSOs, equipment manufacturers and research centres. UPGRID project proposes an open, standardised and integral improvement of the LV/MV (mainly LV) grid addressing the constraints and needs of the more relevant actors. It aims at covering requirements that arise for dealing with i) poor observability of LV networks, ii) local accumulation of DER, iii) risk and difficulties in managing the distribution network, iv) aging infrastructure and v) social and environmental restrictions that inhibit the construction of infrastructure. UPGRID has objectives in three interrelated areas: Technical, Economic and Social. In the technical area it is aimed at improving power system observability, tools to operate LV/MV (mainly LV) grids and developing AMI systems. From an economic point of view the project explores new economic niches, the increase of AMI infrastructure value and thus the DSO value as well, and development of new products (IT providers). Finally, its social objective is focused on the creation of conscious and active behaviour of efficient electrical energy use by customers and the improvement of the quality of DSO and retailer service. DEMO 1 (Spain): It is being carried out in the area around the city of Bilbao. This demonstrator is mainly focused on having a sound LV network representation, deploying tools to operate the LV network, developing a dispatch tool to support LV network operations (monitoring, control and asset management), being able to do remote control operation of LV grid over smart metering PRIME infrastructure and empowering customers with information, knowledge skills and tools. DEMO 2 (Portugal): it is being carried out in Lisbon within the parish of Parque das Nações. Apart from some sub-functionalities related to LV network management; it is worth underlining the Portuguese approach to active demand topics (end users engagement through the combined use of AMI and Home Energy Management Systems), market design (engagement of stakeholders through a Neutral access platform) and sub-functionalities based on control of load and electrical vehicle. DEMO 3 (Sweden): It is being carried out in a rural part of southern Sweden close to the small town of Åmål. This demonstrator is mainly focused on monitoring and control of LV network and smart metering data utilization, stressing one functionality related to automation and control of MV network and other focused in testing interoperability of equipment from different manufactures with the LV Network Management System. DEMO 4 (Poland): It is located in the city of Gdynia. The Polish demonstrator is focused on monitoring and control of LV network (utilisation of the LV network for transferring data other than metering and use of AMI system for monitoring the performance of LV network). It is worth mentioning the existence of a sub-functionality based on remote management of DER (implementation of SCADA/DMS LV with micro generation control).
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Real proven solutions to enable active demand and distributed generation flexible integration, through a fully controllable LOW Voltage and medium voltage distribution grid
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Smart Network Management
Of the Distribution network
Includes Smart metering
Demand Response
With Smart Homes
With Electric Vehicles & Vehicle2Grid
With Aggregation
Includes Smart Metering
Monitoring and control of LV network, Smart metering data utilization, Network management methodologies for network operation, Novel approaches for market design
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