System services from small-scale distributed energy resources

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January, 2011 to December, 2014
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Research & Development
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This project will through experimental testing develop methods and procedures for the validation of the ability of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to deliver system services to the electric power system satisfying the needs and requirements of the Transmission (TSO) and Distribution (DSO) System Operators. To achieve the overall energy policy targets an increased integration and coordination of distributed (mainly renewable) energy production facilities into the Danish energy systems is required. This integration shall comprise a large number of distributed, renewable energy sources. The energy policy target of 30% renewables in 2025 will imply 50% wind energy in the electric energy system. This requires a rapid transformation of the present energy systems into a new paradigm increasingly based on sustainable technologies and provided by DERs. Further an integration of the now separated energy systems (electric power, transport, district heating and natural gas) is needed. The operation of the electricity grid is based on systems services such as frequency and voltage control and various balancing services (reserves)
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System services from small-scale distributed energy resources
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Smart Network Management
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