Survey for the collection of European smart grid projects

Intelligent electricity networks – Smart Grids – are a key component in the EU energy strategy. In the last few years, Smart Grid projects have been growing fast in number, size and scope throughout Europe. Where are they taking place? What technology are they implementing? What are the organizations involved? What progresses have been made? To answer some of these questions, the JRC launched in 2011 the first comprehensive inventory of Smart Grid projects in Europe, which consists today of almost 500 projects.

The aggregation of project data and results in a single database is invaluable for the sharing of knowledge and best practices among actors, and contributes to speed up the implementation of Smart Grid projects throughout Europe. By completing the survey below, you have the possibility to share the results of your project and actively participate in the EU efforts to promote Smart Grids. We will perform consistency check and include the project in our European Smart Grid project database. Financial/economic information will be treated confidentially and only aggregated data will be published.

When you insert your project in the database, you will be asked to create a personal account. At any time it will be possible to update/modify the information regarding your project, logging in the database with your given credentials.

Before you start the survey please check if your project is already in our inventory by clicking here. If you project is present and you would like to update it please contact us at

For your convenience, the PDF version of the form can be found here. It is intended to make it easier to collect, share and validate requested information among different departments or groups within your organisation. Please bear in mind, however, that we will only accept data provided through the on-line surveyFor bugs, suggestions, questions and other requests please contact us. Below you can find the most recent projects added to our database.