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January, 2009 to December, 2014
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Sport2 develop energy efficient products and services dedicated to needs and unique characteristics of sport facilities.In short, we will excite the sport facility community about energy efficiency and develop ICT related energy consultancy services, hardware, and software to reduce energy consumption and emissions production by 30% in these facilities with a 5 year return on investment. To do this, the project will develop an integrated, modular, and scalable ICT system to manage energy consumption, generation, and exchange locally and within the larger context of the smart grid/neighbourhood. The core of the system and approach are four scalable modules that can be purchased and employed separately or integrated depending on client needs. These modules are SportE2 How (smart metering to determine where energy is being consumed), SportE2 When (integrated control systems that enable the actuation of energy sourcing and consumption), SportE2 Why (intelligent and optimal decision making given smart metering data and control capabilities), and SportE2 Where (a multi-facility management portal).
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Energy Efficiency for Sport Facilities
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Smart Network Management
Integration of DER
Smart Customer and Smart Home
Smart metering
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