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January, 2012 to December, 2014
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Four European cities/regions (Barcelona, Gipuzkoa-San Sebastian, Newcastle and Reggio Emilia) have come together to demonstrate the role of ICT solutions for cities and citizens in addressing shortcomings of electro mobility. Electric power solutions have proven to offer a potentially ground-breaking solution for more energy-efficient and less petrol-dependent vehicles and transport systems. The consortium aims to integrate regional initiatives which have been established all over Europe. However, it is known by everybody that electric vehicles (EV) are under-used due to their limitations and lack of peoples' confidence in this type of transport mode. The smartCEM project aims to minimize the current EV limitations, by applying advanced mobility services (EV-navigation, EV-efficient driving, EV-trip management, EV-charging station management) to existing multimodal electro-mobility transport modes. The combination of technology and electo-mobility aims to increase awareness and standardize the use of electrical mode. The objectives of the project are the following: 1. Prove that user acceptance of electrical vehicles can be increased by at least 15% thanks to smartCEM services. 2. Evaluate how much the efficiency of transport can be optimised, taking into account environmental sustainability. 3. Develop of tools for measuring, monitoring and assessing carbon emissions. 4. Identify and address all deployment elements such as business models, legal aspects and privacy 5. Optimization of the energy use in the vehicle and infrastructure. 6. Support pan-European interoperability by standardisation between operations performed by different services and facilitating the interoperability between different systems and vehicles. 7. A complete integration of new services such as car-sharing within the public transport system. 8. Expand the pilot to more cities, operators, or service providers...
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smartCEM: Smart Connected Electro Mobility
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Electric Vehicles and Vehicle2Grid applications
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