Smart Grid Vendée

Start and end dates: 
January, 2013 to December, 2017
Prevailing Stage of Development: 
Research & Development
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Description: • Dynamic control of the MV grid (reactive power management)• Development of Information Systems capable of handling the additional information (e.g. consumption and production forecasts; improvement of the communication between producers, TSO and DSO; connection to the MV grid at lower costs based on a more accurate models of the grid; design of a new interface DSO and aggregators (flexibility enrolment, certification, and control)).• Design of a new local electricity market• Assessment of the acceptability of consumer demand responsesInnovation:• Improvement of the grid development methods so as to take into consideration the dynamics of both the production and the consumption• Installation of new electronic sensors on the MV grid that measure active and reactive powers, tensions, currants (and their directions)• Increased consideration of the local constraints (development of a local mechanism for reducing the constraints)'
Project full name: 
Smart Grid Vendée
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Project Main Application: 
Smart Network Management
Integration of DER
Integration of large scale RES
Smart Customer and Smart Home
Smart metering
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