Smart Grid Laboratories Survey

As part of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the Institute for Energy and Transport set up an observatory to identify the key Smart Grid activities and initiatives being carried out in Europe and beyond. So far, a successful step has been achieved with respect to mapping and inventorying most of the Smart Grid Projects in Europe.

Goal and target

  • The project’s goal is to obtain a better picture about smart grids laboratories inside and outside the EU
  • The investigation targets the  active laboratories in the smart grid field that carry out relevant scientific work


  • To gather precise information about ongoing smart grid development, technologies, techniques and infrastructure used
  • To process data in the form of statistics and graphs
  • To share aggregate information among the participants
  • To reveal the technological trends followed for several smart grid applications
  • To constitute the basis for further research attempts
  • To enhance collaboration possibilities among participants
  • To increase the visibility of their lab activities

How will this be achieved?

  • Through the completion of a questionnaire that covers a wide range of questions
  • The survey form is tailored to each participant’s scientific activities, concealing the fields considered to be out of the scope of their work

Which are the main topics of investigation?

  • The main topics of the investigation focus on: Distribution Automation, Grid Side Management, Generation Electromobility, Smart Home/Building, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • A special part of the investigation focuses on the instruments used for smart grid applications

Are the data provided secure?

  • Any information will be kept confidential and the data will be treated with the maximum attention and discreteness
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