Smart grid catalogue

2011 JRC study on Smart Grid projects in Europe:

1 - Map of Smart Grid projects

2 - Full JRC Report

Read also the JRC Press release

Initiatives on Smart Grids are growing in number, participants and scope. Before 2011, no inventory of Smart Grid projects in Europe was available and the sharing of project experiences was limited.

Following a request from DG ENER, we carried out an independent assessment of smart grid projects throughout Europe. We launched a survey to collect smart grid experiences in Europe and support analysis on trends and developments in Smart Grids implementation.

Summary information from all the collected projects is now available online via a new mapping tool. This map represents the first comprehensive inventory of Smart Grid projects in Europe.

The Reference Report on smart grids, co-authored by DG ENER and JRC, is also downloadable. It includes detailed analyses of the smart grid landscape and assesses in which direction Europe is moving in the field of smart grids.

As a next step, we are working at developing a complete cost-benefit analysis for smart grids.