JRC-Eurelectric Map


Intelligence and innovation in electricity infrastructure are essential to reach the EU’s 2020 climate change and energy policy objectives: grids have to become smarter. A smart grid is an electricity network that can intelligently integrate the behaviour and actions of all its users to ensure a sustainable, economic and secure electricity supply, thanks to the pervasive incorporation of intelligent communication monitoring and management systems.

Initiatives on smart grids have been growing in number and scope throughout Europe for the past few years. To further support the transition to the intelligent power system of tomorrow, EURELECTRIC and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre have developed this online knowledge-sharing platform to provide public information on smart grids projects.

“Sharing knowledge to foster support for smart grids”

New JRC Survey

If you want your project to be on the map for the 2013 update of our inventory, fill out our survey!

We also invite project coordinators that participated to last year’s survey to fill in the new JRC on-line form to provide more updated and detailed info.

The JRC, as independent scientific arm of the European Commission, is the sole responsible to collect, check and regularly publish the project information displayed on the map.

Smart Grids Projects/Interactive Map

The interactive map of smart grids projects provides an overview of the smart grids development in Europe. It contains the most up-to-date information regarding smart grids projects in individual EU member states and at European level.

This mapping tool is based on the JRC-ENER inventory and the related Report on smart grid projects. The JRC-ENER smart grids inventory and the related snapshots will be continuously updated, and the interactive map will be developed accordingly.