Real time simulation

We continuously expand smart grid experimental capabilities to evaluate performance of power networks integrating new generation and storage technologies through hardware/software simulation and benchmark against real cases.

We set up a laboratory equipped with an advanced power system real-time simulator (OPAL-RT eMEGAsim), in order to study transients for high power applications and perform integration tests of complex systems with physical Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation. eMEGAsim is scalable from 6 to 64 processors and uses fast 10 Gbits/s communications links, allowing to simulate power system models with small time steps (tens of micro seconds).

The real time simulator can be used, among others, for: Large AC Power Grid Simulation, Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles interoperability testing, Global Control development, prototyping and testing, Closed-loop Protection System Testing, Electromagnetic Transient Studies with Multi-terminal HVDC Systems and FACTS, HIL Testing of Physical and Prototype FACTS and HVDC Controllers, Integration Testing of Multiple Voltage Source FACTS and HVDC Systems.

We also investigate interdependencies and resilience of integrated European power & ICT system with respect to failures caused by different threats and multiple contingencies.