A European supergrid for renewable energy: local impacts and far-reaching challenges

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Journal Papers
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ISSN 0959-6526
A. Purvins
H. Wilkening
G. Fulli
E. Tzimas
G. Celli
S. Mocci
F. Pilo
S. Tedde
Elsevier SCI Ldt.

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This article assesses the impact of extensive deployment of indigenous and external renewable energy sources on a local electricity system (Sardinia Island) and discusses the main challenges faced by the European power grids in integrating high shares of renewable-based generation technologies. It presents the 2030 scenarios for the Sardinian power system and the results of steady-state analyses in extreme (renewable) generation and consumption conditions.
These results are eventually combined with the assessment of key technology development trends to explain how this can affect the development of a European supergrid. In general, the article stresses that rendering the bulk-power system capable of accommodating high renewable energy penetration not only requires reinforcing the electricity highways but also demands carefully planning the architecture of and the interface with regional power systems.

Renewable energy sources, Electricity grid