The emerging energy web

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Journal Papers
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ISSN 1951-6355
M. Ajmone-Marsan
D. Arrowsmith
W. Breymann
O. Fritz
M. Masera
A. Mengolini
A. Carbone

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There is a general need of elaborating energy-effective solutions for managing our increasingly dense interconnected world. The problem should be tackled in multiple dimensions -technology, society, economics, law, regulations, and politics- at different temporal and spatial scales. Holistic approaches will enable technological solutions to be supported by socio-economic motivations, adequate incentive regulation to foster investment in green infrastructures coherently integrated with adequate energy provisioning schemes. In this article, an attempt is made to describe such multidisciplinary challenges with a coherent set of solutions to be identified to significantly impact the way our interconnected energy world is designed and operated.

energy, Power, Networks