Solar import from Africa: the Italian and the European perspective

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Conference Papers
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G. Migliavacca
A. L'Abbate
R. Calisti
M. Soranno
C. Brancucci Martínez-Anido
C. Alecu
M. Vandenbergh
G. Fulli

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Goal of the present work is to provide a first preliminary analysis on the effect of African solar energy import on the Italian system at 2030.
In particular, the aim is to provide a first preliminary answer to questions like:
· what flow will prevail in Italy at 2030 (wind from the Northern border or solar from the Southern border);
· how could the market prices be modified as the effect of RES import from North and from South.
The scenario analyses presented in this study are the result of a collaboration between the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico, which developed, respectively, a pan-European approach and a detailed model of the Italian system.

Transmission planning, RES integration, Mediterranean Solar Plan