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May, 2011 to December, 2014
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Research & Development
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PRICE-RED: Monitoring and Automation, aims to create an international precedent in the development of a unique solution for monitoring and automation of the transformation centers as there are currently only systems at a level of substations but not in the medium voltage. It is pretended to obtain an interoperable platform that promotes synergies between electrical companies and manufacturers so as to be easily exportable and adaptable to international energy networks. The ambitious scope of the project will open new lines of scientific research and technological development such as: Develop a data collection and communications system. The system must be able to effectively manage and monitor the data associated with the smart grid of transformation centers, creating a national and international precedent in the development of a communications solution for medium voltage monitoring. Get a new Distributed System to Monitoring and Control of significant events that occur in the active centers integrated into the project. This system will be based on an intelligent platform for real-time acquisition, characterized by interoperability to offer a focused solution to the international market. Get the network architecture that is capable of integrating teams that allows to automate the power distribution network through new control algorithms, whose fundamental point is the transformation centers. Get a new monitoring solution as well as the integration in transformer centers of equipment with advanced functions of protection, control, measurement and communication that allows to generate and transmit the necessary information for the operation of an intelligent network (fault passage detectors, sensors , measures alarms managers, modems, ...). Position the Spanish electricity sector to the technological vanguard worldwide in intelligent management of distribution networks of electricity (SmartGrids) to have a leading own technology across the value chain network, from generation to final consumer.
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Joint Project of Intelligent Networks in the Henares Corridor (Monitoring and Automation)
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Smart Network Management
Of the Distribution network
Includes Smart metering
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