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January, 2011 to December, 2013
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Research & Development
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The project aims to define, design, develop and implement intelligent control systems of energy that facilitate the management real-time of a microgrid of electric energy applied to an industrial area with high penetration rate of renewable energy, in order to change the concept 'pollutant' associated to industrial areas, by different another: 'ecological industrial areas capable of developing its own technology'. These models applied to industrial areas, by enabling an increasing renewable energy use, reduce energy consumption and optimize the systems to mitigate the CO2 emissions. The environment is beneficiated and all those companies and organizations in SUDOE industrial areas can see their energy bills cut down.Project Partners with the decisive involvement research and development about the microgrid field, intended to disseminate the results throughout SUDOE regions, which means an opportunity for companies to implement and/or to develop proprietary technologies and create new services or products.
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Smart Network Management
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