Here we talk about electricity, the thing we badly need to let our society function. Electricity does not come for free, but it is produced and delivered via a very complex system. Our role is to understand how this system is changing to support legislation and regulation. Below you can learn about some of the main features, challenges and curiosities related to electricity.


What is electricity?

What's the meaning of the electricity word?

Does electricity flow at the speed of light?

How do we measure electricity?

Why can birds safely rest on electricity transmission lines?

What is the mission of the electric power system?

What subsystems does the power system include?

What are the power system's main components?

What is a smart grid?

What are the expected benefits of a smart grid?

Does the whole power system operate at the same voltage level? 

Is the power system mostly operated with alternating current? 

What is the reactive power and how is it produced? 

Are there situations where direct current is preferred in the power system? 

Why are 3 (or even 4) wires used for power delivery?