Smart (Electricity) Grids for Smart Cities: Assessing Roles and Societal Impacts

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Journal Papers
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M. Masera
E. Bompard
F. Profumo
N. Hadjsaid
Publications Office of the European Union

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This paper first discusses the main impact that smart grid deployment has, in different respects, in smart cities and then presents a methodology for an extended CBA, able to go beyond the strictly financial aspects. It is based on previous developments at the European level.Smart energy and electricity networks are a crucial component in building smart city architectures; their consistent and harmonized inclusion in the smart city design should be carefully considered through a detailed analysis of the impacts (environmental, energy, economic, societal) and the implementation of cost benefit analysis (CBA), not only in terms of managing the grid itself but also in a wider perspective that includes environmental, security, and social aspects.The methodology conceptually illustrated can  naturally be extended to  the  assessment  of  proposals  for the development of smart cities.